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The production cycle

Thanks to a completely internal production cycle and to highly qualified personnel, frisone has been able to obtain great qualitative and technological standards within a short time. One of its points of strength is the full control of the production system (planning, turning, polishing, chroming, assembling and functional testing) without assigning to third parties any of the production stages. Planning is carried out within the plant, sometimes with the collaboration of design consultants and architects of proven renown.

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Planing And Design

Planning and design are carried out in-house, using sophisticated three-dimensional moulding systems. FRISONE also relies on independent design studios and architects of worldwide renown. During this phase, we dedicate great care to the choice of the raw materials, the internal shapes, the design and the actual feasibility of the desired model. By examining the internal flows, in time we could design more and more silent mixers while sensibly improving water saving.


Based on the final shape chosen for the desired product, processing is carried out both on the moulded or cast pieces and directly on drawn rods of different shapes and diameters. Our turning machines can create taps sporting the most extravagant and refined shapes and lines.


Grinding represents an essential step to exhalt the external shapes and obtain the aethetic effect in line with the high quality standards adopted for our products. During this stage we process the piece with great care, first with coarse grain abrasives, then with finer and finer ones, till we obtain the smoothness desired. This department is equipped with robotized systems for the models featuring more linear shapes, while elaborated ones are assigned to skilled operators of renown experience.


This is a very important phase for it removes all grinding debris preparing the piece for an additional step, the so-called “dressing”, which confers brightness to the processed item. It is once again the combination of robotized installations and the hand-on experience of our professional staff that guarantees the absolute perfection of the finishings.

Quality Control

Every single piece undergoes a strict quality control so that we can identify even the smallest imperfections. Only after passing this delicate phase may the piece proceed along the production cycle.

Chromium Plating

Galvanic treatment is probably the most delicate part of the processing. Chroming is a coating obtained through a galvanic cycle which confers the typical mirror-like finishing, protecting the tap from corrosion. A proper chrome thickness gives the mixer a greater resistance and duration. FRISONE has installed its chrome plating department already many years ago. The installation has been conceived as a semi-automated system on purpose so as to control the production in compliance with the quality requisites of the UNI EN 248 standards.

Assembly, Testing And Packing

Frisone tests 100% of its production based on high-level safety thresholds. The final processing step is represented by assembly, which is frequently executed manually, and the final inspection after carefully wiping the external surfaces to prevent any imperfection. Frisone then proceeds with packing the finished product, once again with the utmost care.


Company FRISONE SRL offers to all its customers a competent and professional technical assistance. The technical department is available for advice pre- and aftersales to the following address: assistenza@frisone.com


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